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237 Cleanup

A cleaner Cameroon is possible.


This campaign mobilizes the people to be the solution to the challenge.


Join 147 countries across the world, mobilizing millions of people to cleanup the planet.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2023
In Celebration of World Cleanup Day
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50 Jumping Jacks Challenge!

We invite you to  do 50 jumping-jacks for a 50 day challenge to support our Clean-up Campaign in Cameroon called “237 Cleanup” with the goal of mobilizing 5 million Cameroonians to clean up their respective regions on September 16, 2023.


The challenge is only 50 jumping jacks and I know you won’t let me down.  


I know you can and have plenty of good friends who will join you on this. 


The rules are simple:

  • Once you are nominated your 50 days starts today.

  • Every day you should record yourself doing 50 jumping jacks even if you have to modify them by doing “non-jumping side jacks” to get to 50. 

  • Donate $1 or €1 per day towards 237 Cleanup.

  • Every day you should nominate a different person.

  • Let's reach as many people as possible. 

A Sustainable Clean Cameroon will benefit generations to come.


Let’s have fun raising awareness for a sustainable clean Cameroon while creating jobs and boosting our health. 


Let’s join hands for our 237 Clean-up campaign!

Reward yourself by supporting the 237 Cleanup Campaign by donating a $1 a day or $50 for all 50 days

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I Am Cameroon has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Let’s Do It Cameroon to mobilize millions of Cameroonians across the territory of Cameroon to cleanup their communities of waste. Through this campaign both organizations and several others that will be joining are calling on the people of Cameroon to take the destiny of their communities into their own hands. “ Do what you can, where you can and with what you have” said Maimouna Ngangnjoh, President of Let’s Do It Cameroon. Both organizations are asking Cameroonians in the Diaspora to support this initiative. With just a $10 contribution you can help procure trash bags, provide spades and wheelbarrows, help with communications on radio, television and billboards, build recyclable bins, create compost heaps and start a nationwide recycling enterprise. This your moment to play your part in the social transformation of Cameroon. We count on you!

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