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I Am Cameroon was born of a simple idea — by taking responsibility for our country, we as Cameroonians can build the future we want.

It begins with a shift in thinking. By changing each citizen's mindset, we can transform the country. With a mindset of personal responsibility, massive change becomes possible. 

After building our movement of citizens who have declared ownership of the future, we take collective action toward a shared vision: a prosperous and thriving Cameroon. 

We work together to enable the conditions that allow entrepreneurship and enterprise to flourish, the economy to grow, and social progress to take hold. We seek to institutionalize an unquenchable quest for excellence.

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Our long-term goal is to mobilize over five million Cameroonians to become champions of change in Cameroon. To reach this goal, we are guided by three key strategies.


Educate and Empower Citizens

We educate individuals to have the mindset of empowered citizens.

Create Economic Opportunities

We create opportunities to build a thriving economy.

Advocate for Social Transformation

We leverage our movement to advocate for social progress and influence change.


I Am Cameroon creates impact with our engaged movement of Cameroonians, residing inside Cameroon and across the diaspora. 


We host regular webinars on topics relevant to the success of Cameroon featuring experts from a range of specialties and sectors.


Our movement takes responsibility for the future of Cameroon by actively developing and participating in programs that better our nation.  


I Am Cameroon members have a voice in the movement. Share your passion and build the Cameroon you want.

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