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Hello reader, I am Bate-Epey Ebai Tarkang (calling me Beet is much shorter, right?), a storyteller, Women and Gender/Law graduate, and eternal student of the world, life and our place in it. I am passionately curious about how narratives and how they are told, represented, shape our history, present, and future as individuals, a group, society, nation, race, and that goes on. :-). I am motivated by positive impact and inclusive action. Leader of a budding community for creatives, developers, entrepreneurs and young people in STEM, known as the syzygy guild. Our goal? To leverage the power of the growing new paradigm of the internet (Web3, blockchain, decentralisation) to empower the next generation of Cameroonians through sensitisation, awareness-raising, mentorship, and incentivisation.

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Bate-Epey Ebai Tarkang (Beet)

Bate-Epey Ebai Tarkang (Beet)

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