My Dreams, My Decisions!!!

If there is something that we should never forget about Cameroon is the simple fact that we received Cameroon as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. However, even with everything given to us, we have refused to reap the benefits that the nation has offered us. We have to learn to appreciate what we have.

Every day I ask myself why is it that we have everything in Cameroon, yet we are still very poor. Is it because we are too satisfied with who we are?

Well, I am not satisfied with who I am and what I am as a Cameroonian so I strive to fly the flag higher. Whether good or bad, I will work hard to pay any price for Cameroon, I am willing to meet the hardships, support my friends so that together we will hand over Cameroon as a noble inheritance to the generation after us. Let us do all we can while we still have breathed to raise the life of the nation to the level of its privileges.

Comfort DARU