The founders of Cameroon dreamed of a free, independent and economically prosperous Cameroon in which every child could realize dreams and had access to quality education, good health care and clean drinking water.

They dreamed of a culturally integrated Cameroon that was free of corruption, where justice prevailed, all had equal opportunities and where meritocracy prevailed over mediocrity.

These dreams remain the aspirations of millions of Cameroonians. I Am Cameroon ignites these dreams and inspires Cameroonians to hope again, but more importantly, challenges them to take action to realize these dreams.

Who we are

A grassroots civic engagement movement that works to inspire, educate and engage Cameroonians in the improvement of their country.


To create a better future for Cameroon by engaging Cameroonians to accept responsibility for the future of their country.


To be a Cameroon in which every citizen has ownership of the development of the country

Support the Movement

We are fundraising to support healthcare workers to fight against COVID-19 in Cameroon.